NYSC 2021 Batch C [Stream 2] Orientation Course Time-Table

NYSC 2021 Batch ‘C’ (Stream 2) Orientation Course Time-Table Schedule

NYSC 2021 Batch ‘C’ (Stream 2) Orientation Course Time-Table Schedule 

This is to inform all prospective Corps members that the Management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has announced the date for the commencement of the 2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream ''II'' Orientation Course.

Management of the Scheme has scheduled the 2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream II Orientation course to commence on Wednesday, 24th November 2021 Nationwide.
  • Commencement/Registration – Wednesday, 24th November 2021
  • The cut-off date for Registration: Midnight, Sunday, 28th November 2021
  • Administration of Oath Form / Swearing-in Ceremony: Tuesday, 30th November 2021
  • Closing Ceremony: Tuesday, 14th December 2021
  • Report on your scheduled Camp reporting date.  
  • Do not travel to the Orientation Camps at night. Break your journey when necessary.
  • You must register for the COVID-19 Test using the link in your dashboard once deployed.
  • All Prospective Corps Members must present themselves for the Covid-19 test at the camp before registration.
  • Prospective Corps members are to fill Covid-19 Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) self reprinting form and print verification slip to be presented in camp for covid-19 test.
  • You are to adhere to date of reporting on your Call-up letter.
  • You are to come with Facemask and always wear it.
  • Automobiles are not allowed in camp.
  • Some PCMs deployed to Lagos will have their Orientation Course in Ogun, Oyo and Osun Camps
  • Some PCMs deployed to FCT will have their Orientation Course in Kogi and Niger Camps.
  • PCMs are advised to proceed their various Orientation Camps as scheduled on their Call-up Letters, failure to comply implies that they will have to wait till 2022 Batch before they can revalidate
  • PCMs must adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the Orientation Camps. No PCMs will be allowed into the Camps if they come before their appointment date.
  • Foreign trained graduates should go with original documents they uploaded online.
  • Ensure you report to camp with the NCDC registration slip you printed.
  • You are to come with items specified in the Call up letters and Addendum.
  • To Apply for Name Correction on your dashboard. 
  • Click on "Apply for Change of Name" link on your dashboard.
  • i. Spelling Error
  • ii. Re-arrangement
  • Kindly note that your Students Affair Officer, will see the request for Spelling Error and Re-arrangement, process and forward to NYSC for further action. 
  • After Documentation in the Camp your Date of Birth cannot be changed. Apply for DOB correction before the commencement of the Orientation Camp.
  • After Documentation in the Camp your Date of Graduation cannot be changed.
  • After Documentation in the Camp your Course of Study cannot be changed.
  • Make sure your Date of Graduation and Course of Study are correct before reporting to the Camp. Do not report to the Camp if there is any discrepancy with the Date of Graduation on your Statement of Result and your Call-up Letter.  If you have any issues, return to your Institution to sort it out.
  • After  Documentation in the Camp, passport photograph cannot be changed.
  • If you are deployed and refuse to report to the Orientation Camp, you will not be automatically revalidated to the next Stream.
  • You can apply for correction of wrong Gender and Title in the Camp.
  • You can also apply online for corrections to your Class of Degree, Qualification and Course of Study. Your Student Affairs Officer (SAO) will treat it.
  • If there is disparity in the name on the Statement of Result and that on the Call-up Letter, apply for Name Addition and Removal on your dashboard. Your SAO will process online by uploading backing documents.
In view of the above, you are requested to liaise with all the relevant stakeholders in your states for the deployment of their personnel for the exercise. Details of the personnel will be given during the 2021 Batch B Pre-orientation Workshop.
You are equally to please strengthen all preparations that will facilitate the successful conduct of the orientation course.

All prospective corps members slated for the 2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream II Orientation Course who has registered on the NYSC Portal Online and have been issued Call-Up Numbers are advised to proceed to their respective Camps as stated on their Call-up Letters.

They are also advised to read the instructions on their Call-up Letters and adhere to them strictly and also to set out on time to avoid late-night travels.

NOTE: All foreign graduates who registered for the 2021 Batch "C" Orientation Course must go camping with Original documents as uploaded during Online Registration for Verification in the Orientation Camp.

You should also bring the Original Transcript and not photocopy or Translated Version of your Certificate to the Orientation Camp.

Ensure that you are verified by the Verification Officers before leaving the camp on any grounds.
Failure to comply leads to Cancellation of Registration and you will not be posted to Place of Primary Assignment.

In the event of any loss of Call-up Letter, the Corps member who collected the Call-up letter from his/her Institution is advised to obtain Police Report and Sworn Affidavit, thereafter, report to the Institution of graduation for further necessary action.

Those who initially printed their Call-up Letters online can re-print the Call-up Letters as many times as they want in the case of loss.

The Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier General S Ibrahim DSS Ph.D. MTRCN heartily congratulates all prospective Corps Members of the 2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream II on their call-up to serve the Nation.

As you step on the threshold to commence service to the fatherland, starting with the Orientation course, it will be most appropriate to apprise you of the following travel guide which has been of immense benefit to your predecessors.

Every successful journey begins with adequate planning. Therefore, you should make adequate preparations for your journey.

Disregard information on the NYSC camping list from phantom sites purporting to be acting on behalf of the Scheme. The call-up letter should be your guide. Read the information contained on it critically, so as to be conversant with what and what not to take to the camp.

You must set out very early to the Orientation camps in order to get to your destinations on time, latest, 6pm.

If the journey will take beyond 6pm to arrive at your destination, kindly break the journey.

Ensure that you board a vehicle from the approved park. Doing otherwise may make you susceptible to robbery attack, kidnapping, either for ransom or ritual, etc.

While on the journey, never receive edibles from strangers as the food may have been laced with a substance that will make you lose consciousness.

Be mindful of how you chat on the phone as you may unwittingly give out classified personal information to criminals posing as co-passengers, thereby putting yourself in harm’s way.

Avoid every form of discussion on politics, whether for or against any party. Such is capable of inflaming tempers.

Never get involved in discussions bordering on criminalities in the country: Boko Haram, robbery, kidnapping as you don’t know the people you are traveling with.

Keep your friends and family updated on your movement.

Keep your credentials secure. Preferably carry them on you.

Ensure that your traveling bags and luggage are locked and secured.

Never give your phone to a stranger to make calls. That person may be a kidnapper, robber, or terrorist. Such a call can implicate you on what you know nothing about.

Write down emergency phone numbers.

Be aware of your clothing. Dress responsibly and in conformity with the culture/religion of the region, you have been deployed.

In the event of any untoward happening, don’t try to be a hero. Look for an escape route.

When you arrive at the Orientation camps, abide by all the rules and regulations guiding the NYSC camp.

May God protect you as you proceed to serve our dear country for twelve calendar months.

God bless you.

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