In Nigeria, a delegate is a party member elected by Ward members for presentation at the Local, State, and National levels during the Ward conference. Members of a Ward are responsible for electing delegates in Nigeria’s primary elections.

Ward delegates have the authority to vote for political hopefuls in primary elections, according to Section 84 (12 of the Nigerian Electoral Act 2022). Primary elections are held before to general elections to select candidates for elective offices.

For example, a political party such as the LNP would need to have governorship primaries to choose who would be the party’s flagbearer in general elections. There are two kinds of elections: direct and indirect elections.


How to become a delegate in Nigeria

How to become a delegate in Nigeria

Delegate Geo-Political Zones

A political party delegate in Nigeria is made up of delegates from the following geopolitical zones:

  • South-South – 927 delegates
  • South East – 838 delegates
  • South West – 1,568 delegates
  • North Central – 1,278 delegates
  • North East – 1,212 delegates
  • North West – 1,924 delegates

Three delegates are elected from each of the Federation’s Local Government Areas. Two males and a female


The following are the steps to becoming a delegate in Nigeria’s primary election:

  1. Join a Nigerian political party.

You will be a delegate in Nigeria. You are expected to join a political party. It demonstrates active participation. In Nigeria, there are numerous political parties, such as the PDP and the APC.

Political parties serve a variety of purposes. One is advocating their voters’ interests.


To become a delegate, first, join a political party.

  1. Register with a party after joining

This is another option for becoming a delegate in Nigeria. You must complete the registration process in order to become a legal being. You are expected to obtain a registration form and fill it out correctly during the registration procedure.

You have so revealed you are identified as a delegate.

  1. Submit the necessary documentation.

Submit the required papers after filling out the applicable forms. A large number of documents will be assigned to you as a delegate. You must turn them in. You are now on your road to becoming a delegate.

  1. Pay your registration fee at the Party’s Ward Secretariat

This is an organization where you must pay a registration fee. If you do not do so, you will not be considered for the post of the delegate.

  1. Obtain your Party Membership Card

This is yet another step toward becoming a delegate. This card serves as your identification. You are on your road to becoming a delegate after collecting your card. Collecting the card indicates that you have completed the appropriate steps to become a delegate.

  1. Gain Popularity in Your Ward

Make it known that you want to be voted for. Popularize yourself and demonstrate why you want to be a delegate. Make it known that you are running for the position.

Don’t keep it a secret.

  1. Build a Solid Grassroot Relationship Support From Members At Your Ward

Make sure you have the full support of your members if you want to win the position. These are the folks you actually need and who will most likely assist you in winning. You can’t function without them. Carry them with you in all of your activities. Don’t leave them out if you want to win. Make every effort to gratify them in order to gain their entire support.

  1. Indicate your desire to serve as a delegate in the ward congress.

Let there be some kind of interest. Make it clear that you are driven to win. You can demonstrate a type of interest by participating in various productive services for the benefit of your people.

Finally, in order to be a delegate, you must win the election. That is, your votes must outnumber your opponent’s votes. Having stated all of this, you are expected to complete the proper protocols outlined above in order to win.

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