How to do yahoo is one of the most searched query Nigerians search this days.This article will guide you on how to become a successful yahoo boy, How to do yahoo, how to become a yahoo boy, how to become a successful yahoo boy, how to do yahoo on facebook, best apps for Yahoo, how to do yahoo in 2023 and everything you need to become successful as a yahoo boy in Nigeria. With the present situation of the country we find ourselves today, boys / girls are actively searching for queries like “how to do yahoo”. Starting a yahoo business it’s not that hard. The problem is that most guys lack proper Yahoo boy orientation which I’ll be sharing with you in this article. A lot of people are curious to learn how to start Yahoo, most guys are into it but are not successful and, as a result of that, they visit Google every day and make search queries like:

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No mater your searched query, this article is for you. I remember a friend of mine that started this yahoo for more than a year without a single cash out. He do data subscription almost everyday but never made a single dollar in return. I know most of you reading this post are facing this problem also. Don’t worry! The major problem is that he didn’t equip himself very well before joining the business. He did not know the Yahoo boy formats that work in recent times. And I’m sure you’ll like to know the latest yahoo boy format.

You won’t make the same mistakes the guy made that prevented him from earning one cent off the internet. This epic guide will provide you with all the mental resources needed to start a Yahoo boy career.


How to do Yahoo

To do yahoo, the following are the basic requirements you must acquire to do yahoo and become a successful yahoo boy.

  1. Get a good Laptop
  2. Get a Good smartphone
  3. Steady internet connection
  4. Learn good grammar
  5. Dating apps
  6. Get a Vpn
  7. A foreign number

I’ll be guiding through on achieving the above requirements in order to be successful.

Get a good Laptop

To become a successful yahoo boy, you really need a good Laptop. Otherwise, you’ll find it extremely difficult to do certain important things one is only capable of doing on Laptops. Although, most people do yahoo with their phones, but I truly recommend a good Laptop. And not just any laptop. You need one with good firmware. And I can’t recommend any other than Apple laptops. Apple laptops is by far the most protected and tend to have longer battery lives, which will come in handy considering the fact that the Nigerian power supply is still very much in jumbles.


Get a Good smartphone

Even after getting a laptop, you still need a mobile phone. The reason is, you don’t need to waste any minute. You need to respond to clients’ messages fast. Especially when you’re somewhere, maybe in a park or cinema relaxing. I recommend an iPhone or iPad. They have better firmware than any other device you can think of. The reason you need devices with good firmware is so that you won’t get tracked, hacked or cracked by anyone interested in your downfall. You wouldn’t want a short-lived success, would you?

Steady internet connection

A good internet connection is one of the most essential requirements for becoming a Yahoo boy. If you stay in a location that is not 4G+ enabled, then you’ve got to reconsider your decision. You don’t want to be in the middle of an important conversation with a client and then all of a sudden your network begins to disappoint. It’s a huge turn off for clients. Personally, I wouldn’t appreciate chatting with someone who replies to my messages with more than 10 minutes time lag, especially when I have to deal with that for every message I send.

Learn good grammar

In this situation, your written grammar must be perfect all because you are claiming to be a person that resides in the US or Uk. Hence, your grammar needs to be perfect including your spelling check. Are you bothered? You don’t need to be bothered because the Grammarly app will do that for you. As you are typing, the Grammer app fine-tuned your grammar and it really makes your client feel that you are from the US or any related country you mentioned.


Dating apps

There are a lot of dating apps that are active, some of them include OkCupid,,,, e.t.c, the most active one where you can quickly get a client is from sites like OkCupid.

Get a Vpn

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your network, thereby increasing the security of the data you transmit over the net. VPN hides your IP address or switch to the one you desire. This will hide your location thereby making it difficult for clients to get your actual location.

Get a foreign number

Yahoo boys usually claim to be from the US, UK or any other developed countries. Because people tend to hold citizens of those countries with high regard. Now, if you choose to be someone from the USA, you must take note that every country has an Area Code. In essence, you can’t tell me you’re from the USA and when you call me, I’ll notice +234, which is obviously the Nigerian Area Code. It’s easy to get a foreign phone number using several android apps. One very popular app for getting a foreign phone number is TextPlus. Just search for that on Google PlayStore. Those are the most important things you need to do yahoo. Other petty requirements include knowing where the ABCs are on the keyboard and having a good sense of humor.


How to do Yahoo for beginners

To do yahoo as a beginner, you don’t start with hacking but rather begin dating. Dating is still for beginners, you can’t just start hacking accounts when you are still learning. If you start with hacking and try buying tools, you may fall into the hands of rippers who will rip you and scam you. When you practice, you learn how to do yahoo boy as a beginner and grow in confidence. That way, you can know what and what to do when any situation comes up.

How to do Yahoo on phone (How to do yahoo 2022)

To do Yahoo on phone, the following are required:

  1. Get an iPhone
  2. Get a good internet connection (preferably 3G+ network)
  3. Install the above Apps
  4. Get clients on Facebook and WhatsApp
  5. Start cashing out $$

How to Become a Successful Yahoo Boy or Girl (How to start Yahoo as a girl)

After being exposed to the things you must have in place to become a successful yahoo boy or girl, we have come to the highlight of the article which is how to become a successful yahoo boy or girl. Now is the time to expose to you the latest and surest techniques on how you can be a yahoo boy or girl: blow and cash out. Like I stated at the beginning, there has been a shift on how to do yahoo online. The new method is tested and working.


How to do Yahoo in Nigeria

To do yahoo in Nigeria, you need to get a Get a foreign phone number and a VPN to change your location to a foreign country. This will help clients to think you’re real.

How to do Yahoo on whatsapp

Join whatsapp groups to get clients. Actively chat with them to get them on your list.

Disclaimer: Everything you read so far is pure sarcasm

I do not in any way encourage young bright intelligent people to become Yahoo boys or girls. For you to have typed “how to become a Yahoo boy” in the Google search box, it means you’re indeed interested in becoming one; or, you just want to make inquiries, for research purpose, if there are actually guides on how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria. If your reason for reading this post is because you actually want to become a Yahoo boy, then I’m afraid to break it to you that everything you read so far is pure sarcasm. Notwithstanding, all the Yahoo boy formats I shared with you above are actually correct. That is exactly how Yahoo boys operate. If you’ve been to the university or you hang out with young guys a lot, then it’s not so difficult to come in contact with Yahoo boys in Nigeria and know all the Yahoo boys format. Everything is not entirely their fault; there are limited job opportunities in Nigeria.


5 Reasons you should not become a Yahoo boy

The risks are a lot higher in recent times More difficult compared to years back You won’t have peace of mind You won’t spend the money well Liable to die young.

Conclusion: Don’t become a Yahoo boy!

There’s this stigma Nigerians are now facing on the web and around the world. People tend to believe every successfully young Nigerian is a Yahoo boy. It’s already so bad and we don’t want it to get any worse; the major reason I was spurred into writing this long sarcastic “how to do yahoo” guide. As you can see, making money online this days is some how complicated. However, there are some practices you need to follow, as well as some which you need to avoid. We hope that this article has shed some light on the matter. Don’t Join Yahoo! That’s my final word.

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