The JAMB Profile Code is the focus of this article. I’ll be demonstrating how to obtain your JAMB profile code via email. You’ll discover how to send an SMS to obtain your JAMB profile code. Naturally, you would be able to do this once you create or generate your JAMB Profile Code login.

Without a doubt, I’ll show you how to get Profile Code For JAMB 2023

What is JAMB Profile Code?

How to Get Profile COde For JAMB 2023


Every academic year, JAMB must manage close to 2 million applicants who want to enroll in different Nigerian higher schools. These include applicants who plan to enter the university via Direct Entry or the UTME.

Each candidate is given a special profile so that JAMB can properly handle them all and avoid mixing them up.

The UTME and Direct Entry candidates’ online profiles on the JAMB Portal are given a special 10-digit code called a JAMB Profile Code.


Thus, no two applicants will have the same JAMB Profile code. Yours is unique compared to others and is solely applicable to your JAMB profile.

What is JAMB Profile Code Used for?

To acquire a JAMB e-pin for UTME and Direct Entry registration, utilize the JAMB Profile Code. In order to register for the JAMB CBT, the candidate will present the code there.

Your JAMB Profile Code will also securely connect you to your JAMB CAPS account.


JAMB Profile Code: Does It Expire?

Sadly, the issue of JAMB Profile Code expiration arises due to a lack of available admissions slots for postsecondary education in Nigeria. A little over 500,000 of the over 1.8 million applicants who apply for JAMB each year are accepted at the end of the year.

The JAMB Profile Code is perpetual. Actually, if you need to register for another JAMB, you can use the same old profile code. Only confirm that the phone number you entered when creating your profile is still operational.

What Does JAMB Profile Code Look Like?

The JAMB profile code, as I mentioned earlier, is a special code that JAMB assigns to each applicant. Check out how it appears after being generated on the JAMB Portal.


So, the image above is an example of a normal JAMB profile code. It’s crucial that you keep your personal JAMB Profile code after you generate it. It is accessible through your email account.

The reason is that in order to submit your O’level results or to make any necessary corrections, you must show the agents at any authorized JAMB CBT centre your JAMB Profile Code. See the list of 8 mistakes that you can avoid after registering for JAMB.


You now understand the importance of maintaining your JAMB Profile Code.

One more common misunderstanding among candidates needs to be clarified before I move on to the next segment. For whatever reason, a lot of candidates confuse their JAMB Profile Code with their registration number, which causes difficulty. Your JAMB profile code is different from your JAMB registration number. They do, in fact, have various functions.

Basic Requirement to Create JAMB Profile Code 2023

Every JAMB candidate must first create a JAMB profile code before registering for the UTME. Therefore, you won’t be allowed to register for JAMB if you don’t generate your JAMB Profile Code.


The aspirant must first fulfil certain prerequisites, though, in order to receive their JAMB Profile Code. They consist of.

  • You need a working phone number.
  • A National Identification Number is required (NIN).

Can I use Another Number to Get my Profile Code?

This relates to the first condition listed above. It should be noted that a candidate may either utilize a fresh phone number or one that has already been used. When I say “previously used number,” I mean a SIM card that was used to create Profile Codes, distribute e-pins, and register during earlier registration processes.

It is possible to register for 2023 with this previously used number. Only the original user, nevertheless, is permitted to use it again.


So, as you can see from the information above, you also need to have a NIN in addition to an active phone number. Actually, the information you provided while enrolling for NIMC will be used to get your names.

This is the sole justification for checking if your registration information for NIN is accurate. Every time you use your NIN for anything, any errors there will always be reflected.

How To Get NIN Required to Generate JAMB Profile Code

Before I continue, I should warn you about the difficult process you must go through to receive your NIN. Too many people are daily submitting applications for NIN, which is the clear cause. This shouldn’t deter you, though, as you already know that you cannot obtain your JAMB Profile Code without a NIN. Furthermore, you are unable to register for the UTME without your JAMB Profile Code.


How To Get JAMB Profile Code

You will have your NIN ready once you follow the steps outlined above. You’ll be able to generate your JAMB profile code once you’ve done that.

I’ll explain to you how to generate a JAMB profile code in the parts that follow.

You can currently generate your JAMB Profile Code for 2023 UTME and DE Registration using one of two options. They consist of

  • The SMS Approach
  • The USSD Technique

These two approaches both function and produce the same outcome. You can therefore select any of them. However, there will be a N50 service fee.

How To Get Jamb Profile Code Via SMS

This is quite simple. Simply follow these easy procedures to obtain your JAMB profile code. In particular, this is for applicants who are registering for JAMB for the first time.

  • Access the messaging app on your phone.
  • Select the new message button.
  • Please enter the following information in the message box: YOUR NIN, NIN.
  • To reach someone, text 55019 or 66019.

I hope this makes sense. The procedure is to write NIN, leave a space, and then type your National Identification Number in its entirety—all 11 digits—and send it to 55019 or 66019.


That’s it, then.

But in addition to using the aforementioned SMS approach, USSD is another way to obtain your JAMB profile code. I’ll outline how to achieve it in the section that follows.

How to Get JAMB Profile Code Through USSD

This approach is considerably easier to implement.


Simply enter *55019*1*Your NIN#.

As before, be sure to change “Your NIN” to your real 11-digit National Identification Number in the format.

If you follow these instructions precisely, JAMB will send you your JAMB Profile Code through SMS. After that, you can proceed with JAMB registration.


How To Get JAMB Profile Code through Email?

Many candidates are really curious about how to obtain their JAMB Profile Code via email. More and more individuals are requesting information on this process of generating profile codes.

The fact is that JAMB hasn’t actually created any such provision.

Only SMS and USSD are currently supported for creating JAMB profile codes. In several of the sections above, I covered these in great detail.


When is the Closing Date for JAMB Profile Code?

July 2023.

Problem associating with JAMB profile code creation 2023

There are some certain problem you might whenever you want to create JAMB profile code 2023:

  1. Service timeout.
  2. NIN registered with a different number
  3. NIN is already registered with the number used last year.
  4. JAMB profile code cannot be obtained via USSD.
  5. Generate same account code from last year
  6. NIN not confirmed or no records found.

These are all common problems you may encounter while trying to get your JAMB profile code in 2023. If you encounter any of the above issues, check the solution below:


Possible Solution for JAMB profile code creation 2023

  1. If you encounter “service timeout” try to redo it at night.
  2. If you applied for JAMB last year, you must generate your JAMB profile code using the same old mobile number.
  3. Go to the JAMB CBT Centre to purchase your ePin and complete your JAMB registration.
  4. You will receive the same JAMB profile code for last year.
  5. For “NIN not confirmed or no records found”,  You’ll need to validate your NIN. All you’ve to do is to visit any NIN office to validate your NIN then try resending.

Conclusion: How to Get Jamb Profile Code

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