Most job applications in Nigeria stand out when you include an application letter that conveys your interest in a position, states your talents, competencies, and experience, and demonstrates to the company why you are the ideal possible hire to fill the job role.

This article will attempt to answer the following questions: Do you need an application letter for work and how to write an application letter in Nigeria?

When the job description does not include an application letter, such as some part-time employment, factory positions, or dispatch rider jobs, drafting one will help you highlight your abilities and achievements at a glance so that you will have the edge of being hired.


Now, before stating these steps, let’s understand what a job application letter is

What is a Job application Letter?

An application letter is a formal document designed to indicate your interest in an open position to a potential employer.

The job application letter explains why you are a professional and an individual, highlighting your accomplishments and talents and assisting in capturing the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter in charge of examining applications.


This letter should pique the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s interest by emphasizing the main qualifications that make you a good fit for the post and inspiring him to request an interview.

A job application letter also emphasizes essential qualities that distinguish you from other applicants by demonstrating your knowledge of the role and firm to which you’re applying.

This application letter demonstrates how your personality, professional goals, and aspirations align with those of the firm.


Why You need an Application Letter for a Job

An application letter for jobs in Nigeria serves as a formal introduction between you and your prospective employer, and in most cases helps you move ahead of other job seekers by providing your possible employer with a reason why you are ahead of other applicants.

An application letter can help you stand out in Nigeria, which has a lot more competitive circle than what happens when positions are published and millions of people express interest.

With this free cover letter sample, you may learn how to write a fantastic cover letter.


Steps to Writing an Application Letter

Below is the ultimate guide on how to write an effective Application letter:

  1. Research & Understanding the Company and Job Role
  2. Application format narration decision
  3. Outline your relevant experience and credentials
  4. Include crucial characteristics that distinguish you as an applicant
  5. Close the letter:

1. Research & Understanding the Company and Job Role

The first step in creating an application letter is to research the business and the position you’re applying for, so you can clearly state your goals and all the qualities that would make you stand out as a potential employee.

Making an outline of your application letter based on your study and understanding of the organization will make it easier for you to compose your application letter because the framework is already set out.


2. Application format narration decision

Once you’ve decided on the structure for your application letter based on research, understanding of the firm, and employment function, you should prepare a rough copy before writing the final one.

Once you’ve prepared a draft of your application letter, don’t be concerned about grammar and punctuation issues; this will help you develop a prototype application letter.

  • The letter’s address is as follows: Addressing the application letter’s header is crucial, but the salutation is one component of the application letter that the employer or hiring manager will likely see first when they read the application letter and must be written with care.
  • Address the letter to HR, the hiring manager, and the recruiter: The manner you address the hiring manager or recruiter is significant because he or she can perceive your tone from the way you write. Treat the readers with respect when writing your application letter; be kind and use appropriate language; stay away from using slang or ambiguous terminology.
  • An introduction describing your area of interest: When describing your interest, be as brief as possible, offering your prospective employers reasons why you are the greatest fit for the employment role.
    Due to the volume of applications they get, especially in Nigeria, employers may not be able to read your application letter.

When you specify the aim of your letter in the opening paragraph, your application letter will stand out because here is where the recruiter or hiring manager would likely look first.


3. Outline your relevant experience and credentials

Tailoring your application to the job and company, describing your relevant experience and qualifications for that role you are applying for and the company, will give your prospective employer the impression that you are passionate about the job and the company, and that you will help the company achieve their set goals and objectives, thereby adding value.

Prospective hires or recruiters look forward to hiring people who provide value, have the necessary abilities, and competence, and are enthusiastic about the job. Including these criteria in your application letter may be all you need to land the job of your dreams.

4. Include crucial characteristics that distinguish you as an applicant

It is critical to include key aspects that distinguish you as an applicant; unless a handwritten letter is asked, send a typed and computer-generated document.


Typing your content clearly utilizing these principles can help you present a document that is well-aligned, clear, and easy to read.

5. Close the letter

When submitting your application letter to the hiring manager or recruiter, make sure your tone is consistent with the tone of the letter. A professional application letter concluding note should be kind, respectful, and pleasant.

The Wrap-Up

Getting a job in Nigeria requires a professional and well-constructed application letter. We’re sure that if you follow this ultimate guide on how to write an application letter, you’re sure to get your desired job when you apply.


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