JAMB Syllabus for English 2023 | Use of English Recommended Textbooks

JAMB Syllabus for English 2023–2024 – Is the JAMB Syllabus Use of English available for the JAMB this year? When will the English JAMB syllabus be released? What subjects does JAMB most frequently use for English-language exam questions? What subject appears the most frequently in JAMB’s English?

Greetings welcome to yet another thrilling article on JAMB Syllabus for English 2023. In this article, I’ll provide you with the complete syllabus for Engish that Jamb has identified for you to study in preparation for UTME examination.

JAMB English Syllabus for 2023/2024

Have you ever wondered where you may find the questions that are frequently asked in the Jamb’s use of English section or the typical topics that are covered there? then you are one step closer to discovering the solution.

The quick answer to the previous question is “Jamb Syllabus.” In truth, this is the only exposure you will have while you get ready for the UTME Exams in 2023 and 2024; the syllabus covers the areas of attention and the subjects on which your questions will be based.

Any intelligent student would value and effectively utilize this syllabus; the fact that you are looking for it right now merely indicates that you are moving in the correct direction.

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I’ll give a brief explanation of what the Jamb syllabus is here for the benefit of students who may not completely comprehend it, and then I’ll give you the pertinent subjects and areas of emphasis from the Jamb Use of English Syllabus.

What Is Jamb English Syllabus?

Before taking the Use of English exam, Jamb requires students to be well-versed in the topics listed in the English syllabus. You need this English syllabus if the English Language is one of the subjects you will take the Jamb exam for (which it is, of course).

You can trust this curriculum because it was genuinely created by Jamb.

The Unified Tertiary Examination Board Syllabus in Use of English is intended to assist applicants in their exam preparation.

Advantages of Using Jamb English Syllabus To Prepare?

Using the Jamb curriculum to study for the Jamb Use of English exam provides benefits, some of which are…

  • expose you to subjects that you never thought were crucial
  • You start to understand how Jamb thinks and are exposed to expectations for many topics.
  • Use of the Jamb-recommended texts, which are included in the curriculum, is essential

With these, I’m hoping you’ll seize the chance to fully utilize the Jamb Use of English Syllabus I’ll be sending your way soon.

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JAMB Use Of English Syllabus 2024/2024

The Jamb Use of English syllabus aims to assess your capacity for

  • effectively communicate in English, both written and spoken; and
  • Use English as a language of instruction at academic institutions.

The Jamb Use of English Syllabus is divided into three (3) parts:

  • SECTION A: Comprehension and Summary
  • SECTION B: Lexis and Structure
  • SECTION C: Oral forms

The table below contains detailed JAMB Use of English syllabus/content.

  1. Comprehension & Summary
  • Description
  • Narration
  • Exposition
  • Argumentation/persuasion

Each of the two passages to be assigned (one will be a cloze test) should be about 200 words long and should reflect several fields.

The following will be tested through questions on the passages:

  • comprehension of the entire or a portion of each passage
  • Understanding of the passages’ words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech, and idioms.
  • Logical reasoning and coherence (deductions, inferences, etc).

The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli (New novel to be announced for 2023 year JAMB)

Idea synthesis from the passages

NOTE: The practice of merging various or separate pieces of information to make a complete whole is called idea synthesis.

Your Research Objectives

  • determine the major points/topic sentences in passages
  • determine the implication;
  • determine the grammatical purpose of words, phrases, sentences, and figurative/idiomatic expressions
  • discern or infer the writer’s goals, including mood, attitude toward the topic, and viewpoint
  1. Lexis and Structure
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  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • homonyms
  • clause and sentence patterns
  • word classes and their functions
  • agreement/concord, mood, number, tense, aspect, degree (positive, comparative and superlative) and question tags
  • punctuation and spelling
  • ordinary usage, figurative usage and idiomatic usage are to be tested.
  1. Oral Forms


  • Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs
  • Consonants (including clusters)
  • Rhymes (including homophones)
  • Word stress (monosyllabic and polysyllabic)
  • Intonation (words emphatic stress)

Number of Questions Jamb Set In English

The following is a summary of how Jamb sets the Jamb Use of English Question for 2022/2023… Enjoy!


a 1 comprehension passage 5 questions
b 1 cloze passage 10 questions
c 1 reading text 10 questions

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

a. Sentence Interpretation 5 questions
b. Antonyms 5 questions
c. Synonyms 5 questions
d. Basic Grammar 10 questions

SECTION C: Oral Forms

a. Vowels 2 questions
b. Consonants 2 questions
c. Rhymes 2 questions
d. Word Stress 2 questions
e. Emphatic Stress 2 questions

Total Number of Questions = 60

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