Natforce’s current monthly salary. This website contains further information about the Natforce salary structure, Natforce ranks, and other aspects of the National Task Force. The National Task Force salary structure and allowances are listed below.

We will show you the National Task Force rankings and how much the men and women are paid monthly in this article.

The goal of this post is to provide our readers with an understanding of the Natforce ranks and wage structure. So keep reading to find out more about the Natforce ranks and their monthly payments


Note: If you want to join the National Task Force, you must apply through the Natforce recruitment portal. The webpage contains useful information and news regarding the recruitment process, requirements, and National Task Force training dates.

Natforce Salary Per Month

Natforce Salary

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Many people who desire to join the National Task Force are always looking online for appropriate information about the Natforce wage per month. However, this information is difficult to find online.


However, we have an estimate of how much the officers earn per year. So, what is Natforce’s monthly salary? The National Task Force’s (NATFORCE) current salary structure is shown below.

Natforce Salary Structure

All Natforce officers, like other paramilitaries in Nigeria, are paid a monthly salary. Some Natforce officers earn more than 1,000,000 Naira per year, depending on their qualifications and rank. Understand that this is only an estimate. As soon as we have enough information about Natforce’s monthly salary, we will update this page.

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Natforce Ranks.

The ranks of the National Task Force are identical to those of other paramilitaries such as the Nigeria Police. The NATFORCE also includes both commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Individual officers in the Nigerian military and paramilitary organizations are assigned ranks based on their certificates/qualifications.

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