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Complete Coverage: Our Expo provides a detailed breakdown of the NECO English Language questions and answers for all three papers – paper 1 (OBJ), paper 2 (theory, essay, and letter writing), and paper 3 (oral paper or use of oral English). It encompasses the entire exam scheme and format, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.


Neco English Objective Questions & Answers (Paper 1 – OBJ) 2023

Paper 1 consists of 50 objective questions, each with multiple-choice options labeled A, B, C, D, or E. Our material provides you with the most accurate and reliable answers for these questions. We have meticulously analyzed previous exam patterns and incorporated the essential concepts and topics that are likely to appear in this year’s exam.

NECO English Theory, Essay, and Letter Writing (Paper 2) 2023

Paper 2 challenges you with theory-based questions, essay prompts, and the task of writing a formal or informal letter. Our material equips you with the necessary knowledge and writing skills to tackle these sections with confidence. We offer insightful tips and strategies to help you structure your responses effectively and impress the examiners.

Use of Oral English (Paper 3) 2023

Paper 3 focuses on the use of oral English and comprises multiple-choice questions. Our material not only provides you with the correct answers but also helps you develop your oral communication skills. We offer practice exercises and examples to enhance your proficiency in this area, ensuring you excel in the oral paper.



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Update on NECO English: How to Answer NECO Comprehension Questions 2023

1)  Avoid grammatical blunders because there is a penalty for the use of wrong grammar. There must be an agreement between the subject and verb in your sentence.

2) Do not spell words wrongly. Spelling your words correctly shows your diligence. Therefore, you must take pains to spell your words correctly.

3) Your answers must make sense before any part of it is accepted for scoring. Therefore, endeavour to give the correct answers.


4) Where you are asked to replace an underlined word in the passage with another word, your answer must fit in perfectly in terms of the contextual meaning and collocation. For example, if the underlined word is a noun, you must use another noun to replace it and it must have the contextual meaning of the underlined word.

5) If you are asked to show a comparison between two things or more in the passage, your answer must show such comparison.

6) Avoid mindless lifting. Though you are at liberty to use the words from the passage in your answers, you must be able to use your own words or expressions to show that you really understood the passage.


7) Your answers should be in sentences unless otherwise stated.

8) Read the passage very carefully more than ones (at least three times) and make sure you understand the passage. The first reading brings you into close contact with the underlying message/theme of the passage



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