Earnestly Praying for the love of your life, whether for the end of the month prayer points or the first day of the month prayer points, is a great way to bless the days ahead. Engage these new month prayers for my boyfriend for boundless success and greater heights than ever before by praying them for him or simply sending them to him.

Happy New Month Prayer Messages to My Boyfriend

If you’re wondering how to wish my boyfriend a happy new month, look no further than these happy new month prayer messages to my boyfriend, happy new month quotes, wishes, and happy new month messages for him.

  1. I pray for you, my knight in shining armour, that heaven will seek you out in this new month to bless you abundantly beyond your wildest dreams, and may God show your mercy and favour at every season of this awesome new month. Happy New Year, handsome.
  2. The sun, I am convinced that this lovely new month will be great and awesome because God will grant all your wishes and grant you the inner grace and knowledge to realize your dreams in this month and beyond. Happy New Month, my darling.
  3. Your life will grow in this new month with God’s eternal love, blessings, happiness, and favour all around. And I pray that God would constantly guide and instruct you now and throughout this new month as you prepare for everything that He has in store for you. My love, Happy New Month!
  4. In this new month of joy, I wish that God will bless you on all sides with wealth, that your heart will gain fortitude, that your body and soul will find tranquillity like a river, and that beautiful thing is in store for you, my beloved partner.
  5. In Jesus’ powerful name, Amen, I beg for a new melody, new advancements, and new heights. My knight in dazzling armour, I wish you a Happy New Month.
  6. May this new month serve as a fresh start to a life full of inner grace, bliss, and joy, a life full of wonderful things to appreciate, and a life full of success, love, and devotion. Happy New Month, my darling.
  7. My wish and prayer for you in this new month is that your bar of wisdom will be filled with fresh objectives and aspirations and that your heart desires will come true for you in this season. It’ll be a month filled with warmth and love for us. Happy New Month to you, sir.
  8. You don’t have to linger on your mistakes and failings since a new day awaits you, my darling. Because God is determined to turn things around for you and bless you beyond your wildest dreams, and may God grant you inner peace today and in the future. Happy New Month, sweetheart!
  9. Rejoice, love, it’s a new month, weeks, and days to reach those established goals and do so in a more special way than the previous month. A month of new beginnings, and my prayer is that God will guide you to greatness. Happy New Month, my lone superhero. Baby, I adore you!
  10. I pray that God would open a new chapter of eternal blessing and favour for you in this new month. May God open your eyes to see opportunities anytime and wherever you are in this glorious month and always.
  11. Remember that you are my inspiration and that I will always love you. Happy New Month, my love. God bless you and magnify you.
  12. Nothing on Earth will be able to stop you from moving on and attaining your goals and aspirations in this new month. One thing I am certain of is that God is always on your side. Make the world a better place, since this is your month of global influence. Happy New Month!
  13. May God raise you up, make you great, and give you a voice that is heard far and wide. Today and always, may He strengthen you and fill you with His glory. Happy New Month, sweetheart.
  14. I pray that you will remain unshakeable in the face of seemingly unfavourable conditions and life hardships and that your soul will discover inner peace. I adore you a lot. Mr Handsome, I wish you a Happy New Month.
  15. It is resolved that God’s love, favour, and joy are yours to enjoy in this wonderful new month and for the rest of your life. My prince charming, wishing you a happy new month. You changed my life.
  16. May God’s blazing light continue to lead you wherever you go and bless you beyond words in this new month. My dear, I wish you a Happy New Month.
  17. You will reach new heights of achievement, elegance, and joy in this new month. My prince charming, happy new month!
  18. May Mays new month bring you soaring high like Eagles and an abundance of blessings in your work and quest. Dearest, Wishing you a happy new month to you.
  19. All I wish for you today and throughout this wonderful new month is a month of joy, warmth, and courage. I adore you, baby. Happy New Month, my love.
  20. I pray that God will grant you fresh terrain to explore for His glory this month and that your life will be a faithful witness to everyone around you. My knight in dazzling armour, I wish you a Happy New Month.

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