is an online platform that allows participants to earn extra income with the use of their smartphones, and good internet connection through affiliate marketing, share trading, publishing and resale. In this Review, you will discover how Primeshares works, Primeshares, Primeshares Login, Primeshares dashboard, Primeshares net login, Primeshares register, Primeshares earn money, Primeshares app download, Primeshares lost password, and many more.

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What is Primeshares all about?

Primeshares is an innovation platform launched to reduce the rate of poverty in Nigeria by providing a means for Nigerians to leverage online performing tasks and earn money in return. This income platform which pays you $1 (₦500) daily for sharing trends. You earn $6.4 (₦3,200) for each person you refer to primeshares. Wow! is an online Platform that provides amazing features and opportunities for members to leverage and make money a the comfort of their homes with just a smartphone



How Does Primeshares Works?

How Primeshares works is divided into 3 basic systems, they include:

  1. Primeshares shares trading
  2. Ebook Publishing
  3. Primshare affiliate marketing


Buying and Selling of Volatile Shares

On the primeshares stock market, There are 6 groups of volatile shares that every regular affiliate user can purchase directly from their dashboards and monitor whether these shares grow daily or reduce daily in value.

These shares are volatile in nature and can either give a + or – ranging from 5-15% monthly


The names of the shares will be announced monthly and made available for sale for those interested to key in and making profits from them.

Signals are dropped prior to the closure of the share purchase dates so that those interested can purchase shares based on their findings about the primeshares stock market on each share.

Also, there are referral bonuses whenever your downlines purchase a new share, for every new share a potential downline purchases, you keep getting the referral bonuses all over and over again.


Primeshares incorporated resales these share values from foreign stocks to its users that are registered within.

What this means is that Primeshares works as an intermediary to a foreign stock exchange market and in turn, buys a limited amount of shares to resell to its shareholders.

Those who buy these shares will gain the exact interest rates added at the end of the specified period.


These shares are usually valued at 50$,100$ and 200$ and will always be in two batches monthly. The stated referral commissions for each of your downlines that become shareholders are expressly approved below Purchases of shares by your direct downlines will always earn you referral bonuses that you can withdraw anytime

Primeshares Ebook Promotion, Sell & Commissions


Selling ebooks is another mega way you could earn on When it comes to this aspect, you do not have to

perform any daily tasks nor refer. The only thing you need is your selling skills. Primeshares makes it even more easier that an ebook can be sold at $10, which in turn aids more sales opportunity.


To sale an ebook you must be a registered member already.

As a member you’ll already see some ebooks on your dashboard which you could sell immediately or even buy for yourself if you are interested in them.

When you make a sale of an ebook, the author earns 20% while the promoter who made the sale earns 70% commissions per sale. Selling ebooks isn’t mandatory but an optional way to make money as a good promoter. So, if you’re not good in selling, you can stick to performing daily tasks to earn from primeshares. Either ways, you don’t loose.


How To Earn Money On Primeshares ( make money)


Below is a simplified way to earn money on primeshares

  1. Welcome bonus of $5 which is equal to ₦2,500
  2. Sharing of Ads daily, you earn $1 which is equal to ₦500
  3. Referral commision of $6.4 which is ₦3200
  4. First level spillovers $0.6$ which is ₦300
  5. Second level spill over of ₦0.2 which is equal to ₦100
  6. Transfer of earnings also available at a minimum of $12 per transfer equal to ₦6,000
  7. Conversion rate is ₦500 to 1$


Primeshares Withdrawal (How To Withdraw On

You can place your withdrawal once you have reached the threshold.
The minimum withdrawal for an affiliate is $10 which is equal to ₦5,000
For non-affiliates, the minimum withdrawal is $40 which is equal to ₦20,000 Sign Up | Primeshares Register

For registration, follow this guide.

  1. Visit sign up or registration page
  2. Fill in your username, email, password, desired pin, birth year, phone number, agree terms and conditions
  3. Click on Primeshares register button

That’s all, make sure you check your email after creating an account with Primeshares for verification. Login | Primeshares sign in

To Login in sign in page, follow this guide.

  1. Go to login page, by clicking on this link
  2. Fill in the your details
  3. Finally, click on the Login button to successfully Login to your dashboard and start making money.

Is Primeshare Legit?

No one has termed Legit or Scam. We highly Recommend you To Visit this page again as we’ll update it as more information comes. Also share your thoughts concerning Primeshares using the comment section below this article.


Is Primeshares scam?

No one has reported as a scam. We highly recommend you to drop your thoughts concerning primeshare, primeshare login and primeshare registration (register).

Primeshares Review (What is

Primes Share is another online Money making site that allows participants to earn money doing certain activities. You can access the Primeshares account login website via

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