is another Ponzi investment platform where users are allowed to purchase digital products that generates daily income for a period of 30 days. In this Samsung5g review, we will consider majorly on unveiling hidden facts regarding this platform including how it works, Samsung5g sign up, login, is legit or scam? and a lot more.

Nowadays, a lot of fake investment platforms are launched on a daily basis which have led many investors fallen victim to scammers. Do you know why they fall prey?

The reason is because they failed to do the right thing which is doing deep and proper research before joining any platform which made them prey to online scammers who took advantage of their ignorance.


This newly launched platform known as “” is likely to be either a legit or a scam platform, but how will you know when you don’t read reviews about the platform? This landed us on the need for online hustlers/investors to do deep research before venturing into any Income Program. This will help them get rid of online scammers/fraudsters.

So, kindly read this article to the end without skipping a line to get the full gist about Samsung5g, to know if they worth investing your hard earned money or not.

What is all about?

The Samsung5g investment platform offers a unique investment opportunity to investors, allowing them to invest in a Virtual product that generates daily income for them for a period of 60 days.


The platform has about 6 virtual products also known as plans. Each of these well products has different investment amounts and daily returns that are attached to them, but they are all valid for 60 days.

How does Works?

The operations of Samsung5g revolve around members investing in a digital project to get daily returns on investment. So, you have to be a member of this platform to be a partaker of this opportunity. With a minimum investment amount of N2,800, you can get started.

Once you successfully complete your registration on, you gain access to start making daily passive income by leveraging the different investment options on the platform. You can get started with the first package project which is sold for N2,800 that allows you to earn N165 daily for about 60 days.

Advertisements Investments plan

There are lots of investment projects on Samsung5g that allow you to invest in them to start getting daily returns. All these investment plans are valid for 60 days. Below are the available investment plans on

1 Package

Amount: N2800
Daily income: N165
Duration: 60days
Total income: N9936

2 Package

Amount: N8800
Daily income: N532
Duration: 60days
Total income: N3212


3 Package

Amount: N18200
Daily income: N1219
Duration: 60days
Total income: N732152

4 Package

Amount: N38800
Daily income: N2700
Duration: 60days
Total income: N162000

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5 Package

Amount: N88000
Daily income: N6840
Duration: 60days
Total income: N307800

6 Package

Amount: N268800
Daily income: N14062
Duration: 45days
Total income: N632880

Advertisements Register (Samsung5g sign or registration)

It’s time to hit the hammer on the nail. After going through the whole story above, it’s time to get started. Follow the guide below the sign up account on

  • Visit the official website register
  • Click on sign up and fill in your details
  • Type your preferred password
  • finally click on the Samsung5g sign up button.

Samsung5g Invitation code


This implies that you’re to input 765841 as your invitation code during sign up.

Advertisements login (Samsung5g login or sign in)

How to login to Follow the steps below:

  • Visit login
  • Input your phone number and password
  • Finally click on Samsung5g login button to sign in to your account dashboard.

Is is paying or Crashed?

Samsung5g has not crashed. There some proofs of payment recorded regarding but that doesn’t classify it as a reliable and trusted investment platform. Review: Otto-o2o Scam, Legit or Crashed? Read before Login or sign up


Who is the founder of

After a thorough research, information on the owner of was not revealed on the platform. Referral Program/Commission

The referral program is an additional method of making extra cash on the platform. The referral programs allow you to earn referral commissions for each person you refer to join the platform with your unique referral link.


When a new member joins/registers on the platform with your referral link, you get rewarded with a referral commission for each referral you earn. You earn 10% as a referral commission for inviting your friends and family to participate. Withdrawal – Minimum Withdrawal Amount

You can only withdraw on Samsung5g once you meet the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount on is N1,000. Once you have a minimum of N1000 in your balance, you are eligible to request a withdrawal.

All you just need to do is provide your bank account details, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and request for withdrawal. You can withdraw multiple times every day.


Is Legit? – Samsung5g Review is a risky Ponzi Scheme that is bound to crash any time soon. When investing your hard-earned money on this platform, you have to be very sceptical, because anything is likely to happen in the long tun and no one will be held responsible. However, I’ll always advice you to join any platform when the platform is still fresh and paying.

You can join now

Is Scam?


Advertisements isn’t a scam because no one has reported it scam. Kindly share your experience using Samsung5g on the comment section below.

Conclusion on Review: Is Samsung5g legit or scam?

We are yet to term it legit or scam because the platform is still fresh. Have you registered on already? What are your experiences? Kindly share your thoughts using the comment section below to avoid potential investors from falling prey.

Thanks for reading.


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