Teckmine review has been one of the most searched question that potential investors keep asking before Teckmine sign up or Teckmine.com login. Do you want to join Teckmine? or you want to know more about how the platform works? Then this post you’re currently reading is a best bet for you.

Teckmine.com is a newly launched platform that claims to reward participants certain commission for investing on their platform. In this article, you will find out how Teckmine works, Teckmine.com registration, is Teckmine legit or scam? how to withdraw from Teckmine.com and a lot more. Kindly read this article to the end.

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What is Teckmine all about?

Teckmine.com is an online investment platform that rewards users for mining naira on the platform. You are required to choose a product to rent and/or recharge. There are several income structures to rent from.

How does Teckmine work?

Teckmine.com operates similarly to every other investment platform, you’re required to sign up an account, login to your dashboard and make a minimum deposit of N4,000 to get started. Once you rent the product, you have to start mining by regularly clicking on the start button. This implies that you’re to click on the “Start profile” everyday in order to earn.

How to make money from Teckmine.com

Teckmine offers a variety plans to earn from the platform. The minimum investment plan is N4,000 which allows you to earn up to N320 daily up to 25days before you can renew it. However, you can maximize your daily earning by leveraging the referral program option that allows you earn extra income for referring your friends and family to join Teckmine.com


The maximum investment is N220,000 allowing you earn N800 daily.

Teckmine Investment Plans

Below are the investment plans on Teckmine.com, they include:

Micro Machine

  • Deposit: N4000
  • Daily earning: N320
  • Duration: 25days
  • Total earning: N8000

Cloud computing KD lite

  • Deposit: N9600
  • Daily earning: N380
  • Duration: 45 days
  • Total earning: N17000

Cloud computing

  • Deposit: N17500
  • Daily earning: N300
  • Duration: 120days
  • Total earning: N36000

Bitcoin miner S19K

  • Deposit: N20000
  • Daily earning: N800
  • Duration: 60days
  • Total earning: N48000

Teckmine Referral Program

The referral program is a commission reward to participants for inviting their friends and relatives to join Teckmine. This involves sharing your unique referral link to your friends.


You earn a whooping 10% bonus of the amount your downline invested. This implies that if that your friend that you referred invested N4000, your own share there is N400. Sounds cool right? Join now and leverage this great opportunity. Another awesome part of this referral program is that you can also earn a bonus of 3% when that your friend invites another friend.

Teckmine Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is N1,0000. This implies that you can apply for withdrawal anytime any day once you’ve earned a minimum of 1k from the platform. Withdrawals are processed every Mondays and Fridays and payments are made within 24hrs.

Teckmine.com Register (Teckmine sign or registration)

It’s time to hit the hammer on the nail. After going through the whole story above, it’s time to get started. Follow the guide below the sign up account on Teckmine.com


Teckmine Invitation code


This implies that you’re to input 0VP932 as your invitation code during sign up.

Teckmine.com login (Teckmine login or sign in)

How to login to Teckmine.com? Follow the steps below:

  • VisitĀ  https://teckmine.com/pages/ login
  • Input your phone number and password
  • Finally click on Teckmine login button to sign in to your account dashboard.

Is Teckmine.com is paying or Crashed?

Teckmine has not crashed. The platform is up and paying, several payments proofs are flooding on social media. Meaning the platform is still paying as of the time this article was composed.

Who is the founder of Teckmine.com?

After a thorough research, information on the owner of Teckmine.com was not revealed on the platform. The developers of Teckmine keep the information undisclosed for reasons best known to them.

When was Teckmine Launched?

Teckmine.com was launched on the 5th of August, 2023. This implies that the platform is a month old as of the time this article was written.


Is Teckmine Legit?

Yes, Teckmine.com is a legit paying platform. However, there is likelihood that it will ceased paying in the nearest future. So, if you have interest in making money with this platform, then what is stopping you? Join now before the platform gets crowded.

The best time to join any online platform is when it’s now and paying.

Is Teckmine.com Scam?

No, Teckmine is not a scamming platform.


No one has reported it scam, meaning the platform is considered legit and not scam as of now. However, we’ll update this post if we get reports of scam.

Teckmine Review: Is Teckmine.com scam or legit?

Teckmine is a legit paying platform. Are you an existing member of Teckmine or you want to join? kindly share your thoughts on the comment section below.

If you’re an existing member, what are your experiences investing on Teckmine? Please share your opinions below to avoid potential investors from falling prey.


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